Why Use Digital Signage?

It’s great for communication

We live in a world of instant communication, and digital signage is a very effective way to communicate with people. These can be people out on the street, in your office and factory or waiting rooms. The list is virtually endless.

You can’t miss a big screen with a message on it as you walk past, and unlike a poster the message can be constantly changing without having to reprint anything.

Digital sign on a wall

Digital signage isn’t all about advertising, it has many other uses

Most publicly visible electronic signage is seen outside shops or in shop windows, and on the side of bus stops, but it’s now used in virtually every sector where you need to show information to people that can be updated instantly and electronically as the need arises.

You are just as likely to find it being used inside a factory as you would in public areas.

Put a big screen up in your reception area and put visitor greeting messages on it, or show your production staff information about order requirements.

Digital signage is a fantastic way to get messages to your staff or customers, and offers the following advantages

Digital signage advantages

  • Update displays any time via the Internet
  • Instantly display your advertising messages
  • Bright and attention grabbing with animation
  • Changes are immediate
  • No printing or postage costs
  • Show visitor welcome messages
  • Show out of hours training info to your staff
  • No step ladders to change high menu boards
  • Video advertising

Is digital signage expensive?

Not any longer. Falling electronics costs mean large screen displays and the equipment to drive them is far more affordable now than it was ten years ago.

We’ve  worked in the electronics industry for many years and there is very little electronics in modern TVs or signage players to fail compared to ten years ago, so everything should be fairly reliable and easily repaired or replaced if it fails.

It’s quick and easy to create a slide to show on your screens

The system editor is designed for creating message pages very quickly and for sending the page to the signage screen. You can just as easily create a new page from an existing one and resave it with a new name for display on your screens, or save a page as a template.

Old school printed posters gone wrong. Easily fixed with digital displays

An example of a printing mistake is this poster that was put up around my local town. Even if the printer shows you a pre printing proof it’s still all to easy to let a mistake through. If this had been on a digital signage screen it could have been fixed as soon as it was noticed with a couple of mouse clicks.

The other advantage with digital posters is you can add or remove items from the display any time you like. That fabulous idea for a poster design you had yesterday might need to be altered to an even better one the day after it was printed which with cloud based digital signage is very easy to achieve.

Poster with spelling mistake

If you have any questions on how digital signs can help you along with some pricing please get in touch with us.

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