What do I need for a basic signage system?

Getting started is very easy and needs very little equipment.

Orangevalley Cloud Signage Overview

You will need something to use as the display screen such as a TV or PC monitor.

Prices for TVs vary, but typically (May 2021) a 43″ LCD TV in the UK is around £280 with 50″ models starting at £460. Look to buy a standard LCD model. You don’t need an OLED type.

You need a signage player that drives the screen. Typically a player is a small Windows 10 PC as most people are familiar with it,  but it could also be an Android TV box or Raspberry Pi4.

An Android tablet can also be used if you want a smaller display for use on counter tops, shelves or on a desk.

The signage player is an HTML5 application that runs in a browser such as Google Chrome or Firefox, so in it’s simplest form you can run a web browser on your PC in full screen Kiosk mode.

We have free Windows player software that you can use on your PC to avoid any messing about with browsers.

Ready configured signage players for your account are available from us that you just need to put on your network and connect to a screen.

Finally you need a PC or laptop to control the system from. This is done through a web browser so you don’t need to install any software.

If you use a Windows PC as a player it will work fine with Windows Vista, 7 and 10.

Try and use a device that has an SSD of at least 64GB rather than an old style hard disk. An SSD is a lot faster so windows updates will be installed in a fraction of the time.

Signage info graphic

If you want to add more screens / players you just need to add additional players and activate them in the main signage control panel.

We will be happy to configure the system (over the Internet) for you, so getting started will be quick and easy.

There are a number of Training Videos that take you through using the system on our YouTube channel.

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