What do I need for a basic signage system?

Getting started with digital signage or a digital noticeboard needs very little equipment.

Orangevalley Cloud Signage Overview

You will need something to use as the display screen such as a TV or PC monitor. The screen is connected to a player.

Typically, a player is a small Windows 10 PC as most people are familiar with it, but it could also be something like an Android TV box running our noticeboard app. Our noticeboard app can also be installed on Android tablets for smaller displays.

The player in our system is a browser application so it will run on anything that has a modern web browser. The browser in the player connects to a specific web address where it’s updated with the content it needs to display.

If you’re using a PC as a player it can be configured to start a web browser in kiosk mode when it’s switched on.

The system is controlled via the Noticeboard Manager application, that again is a browser application.

If you want to add more screens and players to the system you add them through the noticeboard manager. Individual players can be activated or disabled at any time from the management software along with setting the display channel they operate in.