Digital Signage in the New Normal

We’re currently living in the middle of a pandemic, which is why you’re looking at this page. Nobody knows for sure if a vaccine will be effective and if it is, for how long so unfortunately its’ something we have to get along with as best we can.

There are now numerous rules in place for office and factory work spaces along with all types of town centre shops, bars and cafes that are subject to being told to open or close at short notice.

To make things more difficult, the rules are constantly changing with different areas going in and out of lock down at a moments notice.

Printing out new posters with the ever changing messages and putting them up is time consuming, especially if it’s just for a small change.

Digital signage doesn’t solve the virus problem but helps you display your changing safety messages and trading status to the public without going anywhere near a printer and drawing pins.

Signage screen showing covid safety messages and marketing images
Multizone screen showing advertising and safety messages

A screen split up into different zones can display safety messages at the same time as your special offers.

You don’t need a huge 80″ display on the wall either as that’s going to take up a lot of space and expense buying and fitting it.

Something more modest is such as a 10″ tablet or small TV or PC monitor can be used to great effect.

Our cloud system allows you to update the screens as often as you like and as they’re updated over the internet you can update them from pretty much anywhere.