Travel Agents Digital Signage

The travel industry is in a rapidly changing state at the moment due to Covid-19 causing travel restrictions to change almost daily.

Digital signage is a great way to change holiday information in your travel shops at a moments notice, without having to keep printing and putting up new posters that could be out of date the following week.

Replace the holiday specials board with a digital one

Have you got a travel agents shop with a board in the window showing holiday offers on pieces of plain paper as in the image below?


This can easily be replaced with Orangevalley digital signage to quickly add the information onto a screen from your desktop PC or mobile phone giving you a far more colourful and attention grabbing display.

Mix your latest offers with photos for maximum impact

The image shows a screen split up into nine individual zones. Each zone can show multiple offers in a carousel along with other marketing pages. You can of course configure the screen with one single screen filling zone.

Holiday offers on a digital signage screen
Signage screen showing multiple holiday offers

Make it easy with templates

All you need to do is create a template, or multiple templates if you want different colours or designs with a title, main message and footer text holders.

You simply enter the offer information into the system in a way similar to adding a post to a forum. This will then be inserted automatically into a template. If you entered five different offers into the system it woud show each offer one after the other in a carousel or loop.

The videos below show examples of a ‘travel deals’ board using digital signage and our active templates.

The video below was screen captured over a network so isn’t as smooth as it actually is.

This type of templating using our Active Templates lends itself to lots of other uses beyond travel agents.

More information on Active Templates is in the link below.

Active Template Pages

Screen Zone Layout Options

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