Travel Agents Digital Signage

Digital signage is a great way to change holiday offers in your travel shops at a moments notice without the need to print anything. Your screens are updated over the Internet.

Replace the holiday specials board with a digital one

Showing holiday offers into something like the image below requires nothing more than entering the text of each offer into a few boxes in a web page.

The system can automatically insert them into the template for display.

The design of the template is totally up to you, the image below is just to give you an idea.

The green boxes in the bottom right corners shows you how many different holiday offers are in that individual section. They will be displayed in a carousel.

digital signage screen used in a travel agents



Holiday offers on a digital signage screen
Signage screen showing multiple holiday offers

Make it easy with data driven templates

By using our data driven template pages you can design your screen anyway you like.

Design a background graphic with areas you want the text to be placed above, then from the editor add text placeholders above the text areas.

The system will populate them with the holiday offers. The holiday information is entered into a separate section of the controller.

If you enter multiple holidays the screens will display a carousel of pages, one for each holiday.

If you set the signage screens up for multizone, the holidays will be distributed around the screen so multiple offers can be shown all at the same time.

Uploading existing posters for display

You’ve probably got an agency producing your printed flyers and posters. These image files can be uploaded directly to your signage screens with a couple of mouse clicks.

See our displaying flyers mode for more information.

The videos below show examples of a ‘travel deals’ board using digital signage and our data driven templates.

Note these are old videos and the individual messages are now displayed all at the same time.

The video below was screen captured over a network so isn’t as smooth as it actually is.