Training Videos

Training videos for our older system. Until these get converted you will need to have the flash player installed.

Main Web based Digital Signage / Electronic Noticeboard control system
Uploading Photos, video etc to the system Video 427k
Putting a Page on a Screen Video 890k
Scheduling Pages Video 1.1M
Editor Page Size Modes Video 740K
Adding Photos etc to screens Video 2M
Showing a Web Page in a zone Video 1.8M
Removing items from a page Video 431K
Text and Picture Animation Video 625k
Set a Template Page as New Page Video 2.6M
Creating RSS Feeds – New Way Video 2.7M
Creating RSS Feeds – Old Way Video 5.5M
RSS Feeds in Action Video 3M
Scrolling Ticker Messages Video 1M
Update Players via a Shared Directory Video 288K
Using the web server with our older NDD1 player software
How to configuring it Video 583k
Digital Signage / Electronic Noticeboard Web Server
The Dedicated Web Server Video 2.7m
Digital Signage Player Software (multi-zone players)
Tell the player where to get files from Video 688k
Built In Multizone Layout Manager Video 2.7M
Room Booking Software
Room Booking System Video 3.5mb
Questions and Answers