Training Videos

Note: These are Training videos for our older system.

These older training videos are here to support customers using our older system that used a controller written in flash. New training material is under way for the current HTML5 system. These old videos will require the flash player to be installed.

Main Web based Digital Signage / Electronic Noticeboard control system
Uploading Photos, video etc to the systemVideo427k
Putting a Page on a ScreenVideo890k
Scheduling PagesVideo1.1M
Editor Page Size ModesVideo740K
Adding Photos etc to screensVideo2M
Showing a Web Page in a zoneVideo1.8M
Removing items from a pageVideo431K
Text and Picture AnimationVideo625k
Set a Template Page as New PageVideo2.6M
Creating RSS Feeds – New WayVideo 2.7M
Creating RSS Feeds – Old WayVideo 5.5M
RSS Feeds in ActionVideo 3M
Scrolling Ticker MessagesVideo1M
Update Players via a Shared DirectoryVideo288K
Using the web server with our older NDD1 player software
How to configuring itVideo583k
Digital Signage / Electronic Noticeboard Web Server
The Dedicated Web ServerVideo2.7m
Digital Signage Player Software (multi-zone players)
Tell the player where to get files fromVideo688k
Built In Multizone Layout ManagerVideo2.7M
Room Booking Software
Room Booking SystemVideo 3.5mb
Questions and Answers