Digital Signage Training Videos

Below are a number of training videos for the signage system. Note that some of these are quite old and the controller interface has changed slightly since they were made.

Adding signage players to the system

Configuring signage screens

Sending pages to signage screens

Using the page editor

Media Manager

DCS – Dynamic Content Spread. A DCS channel is a special channel that takes messages added in the system and spreads them equally over a number of zones. Basically, if you have a screen split into four zones and you have eight simple messages to display, the system will spread the eight messages across your four zones, thus showing as many messages at the same time as possible. The video shows how this could be used at a travel agents to show the latest holiday offers.

Custom Control Interfaces. Use the editor to create a custom control interface. You can create special pages in the editor that resemble how your screens look. You can then drop pages directly into the visual representation of the screen for the system to display on the actual screens.

Updating the system from a mobile device

Show the latest news on the Newsboard – This video is speeded up. A news feed is a standard list of news items usually consisting of a title and snippet.

Our system breaks this down into individual news items and puts each one into display pages, which are then displayed one after the other.

You can set the time in seconds that each news item will be displayed for. This video is showing ten different news feeds in ten zones, but you have complete control of the configuration so could show less if you wanted along with your own content.

Travel agent offers board. Modernize that quick last minute offers board you have in the window. The first video shows DCS taking a number of holiday offers and automatically distributing them across multiple zones on the screen.

Importing Data from a spreadsheet.

Lots of people keep data in a spreadsheet and might want that same data displayed on a signage screen. The system allows you pull data from specific row and column locations in the sheet for inserting into a signage page, so only the data you want is displayed.