Staff Noticeboards

There can’t be many places that don’t have a noticeboard. Every factory, office, staff room, cafe etc usually has at least one of them.

These can easily be replaced with the NoticeboardLive electronic noticeboard. This type of noticeboard can also display the latest news from RSS news feeds so it will always have something fresh on display to draw people towards it.

The screen can be split up into many different zones so multiple messages can be displayed all at the same time like a conventional cork noticeboard.

Notices can very quickly be entered into the system via a simple form and the notice will be inserted into a template previously designed with the system editor as in the image below. The notice will be added to the screen automatically.

You can also design them in the page editor giving you more creative control along with adding uploaded images.

put messages into template

The system is able to automatically distribute messages across multiple zones on the screen so all you need to do is enter them and let the system take care of the rest.

If you’ve designed something in a graphics package you can upload the image to the system for display.