Electronic Noticeboards for displaying flyers

Electronic Noticeboards are great, they show lots of information all at the same time


Our digital noticeboard system has a mode to replicate old style noticeboards and to take the faff out of updating them.

Simply upload your flyers or artwork (jpg or png) and they will be distributed automatically around the screen as shown above.

You can also create notices in the editor using uploaded media such as photos.

If there are more flyers or notices than will fit on the screen they will be put into a carousel and shown one after the other. You can set the display time in seconds for each flyer.

Individual flyers can be removed from the display any time you like.

Areas of the screen can be excluded from the automatic distribution so you can leave ‘sticky’ notices on display all the time.

Noticeboard screens can also be configured like a conventional digital signage screen so a single flyer or notice fills the screen. In this mode they’re shown one after the other.

The image above shows the screen setup up to display ten individual notices at the same time.

This is configurable, so the screen can be split up into different numbers and sizes of noticebord zones.

Contact us for more information and trial of our electronic notice board system.