Signage System Overview

How the Orangevalley digital signage system works

Think of digital signage displays as being set to receive channels of information. Each channel contains different content.

Signage screens can be set to receive any channel.  They could all be in the same channel or different ones. Screens running in the same channel will all show the same content.

The content (pages) are created in the editor that can use media such as photos you have uploaded to the media library. You can also upload full screen images directly to a channel.

You then put the pages you want displayed into the channel your screens are operating in. Multiple pages will be displayed one after the other.

You can define how long each page is on display and you can add or remove them at any time. This is known as a carousel.

Pages can also be scheduled.

Creating signage content

The system offers different ways of creating signage content. You can use the page editor to create simple pages or upload images created in a DTP or graphics package.

Another option is to use our active templates. This is a simplified page creation process where text is pulled from the CMS and automatically inserted into a page template. You add the text into the system via a simple form. This ensures your display pages have a consistent look to them and saves you having to use the page editor.

The system can also insert data from a CSV spreadsheet file into a template page. You might use this method if you have a simple price list for say drinks you want to display on a big menu board screen.