Signage System Overview

How does digital signage work?

Think of digital signage displays as being like TV channels. Each signage channel has different content that individual screens are tuned into. Your screens can all be tuned into the same channel and show the same content as each other or be put into different channels.

You might have a reception room channel and a canteen channel for example. The canteen channel could show you the days menu while the reception channel can welcome visitors.

Our NoticeboardLive signage system allows you to send pages and media to any of the channels the system supports.

Just configure the screen to operate in the channel you want, then from the controller send pages and media to the channels you are using. Channels can be given a name, such as Reception Room to help you identify multiple screens.

Can a signage screen show more than one channel at a time?

Yes, screens can be split up into zones and each zone can show a different channel. The image below shows what could be four channels, although those four pages could just as easily be bundled up into a single channel to be shown one after the other.

Screens showing content created with our signage editor
All the content on the screen was created with our HTML5 signage editor and can be changed virtually instantly.

The player PC that connects to the display screen downloads all the media and control files from the server so will continue showing the current playlist if the network goes down.

Pages can be sent directly from the page editor section to a display channel which make it easier if you are only using a few channels. Other sections offer more control of the process.

A useful feature is the ability to create special pages in the editor that resemble your actual screens, as seen in the image below. This page represents two window screens split into three display channels. The pages you want displayed can be drag dropped into the desired section of the screen.

Digital Signage Screen Control
Control the screens from a custom page created in the page editor

The standard setup will come with some background images that you can apply to the page with a click of the mouse. Good background images bring the signage pages to life.

Text formatting allows you to change the font, size, colours, alignment and attributes easily in the editor. You can even set some basic animation effects like flashing text with a simple click.

Text and pictures can be dragged around the editor to be positioned and sized to fit where you want them.

Media such as photos and page backgrounds are uploaded from the controller to the server.

Pages can be saved as templates that can be modified and saved as normal pages.

Web based so you don’t need to install any software. Just connect to the web address and log in. As it’s cloud based you can control the system from anywhere with an Internet connection.