Signage System Overview

How the signage system works

Think of digital signage displays as operating in TV channels. Each signage channel shows different content that individual screens are tuned into.

Your screens can all be tuned into the same channel, and show the same content as each other or be put into different channels and show different content just like you do with your TV.

You might have a reception room channel and a canteen channel for example. The canteen channel could show you the days menu and specials while the reception room channel can welcome visitors. Another channel could carry general company information.

The screens below are all operating in a different channel, so show content for that respective channel.

four digital signage screens
Multi channel display system

Our NoticeboardLive display system allows you to quickly send pages and media to any of the channels your screens are operating in. Uploaded media is shared across the channels so you don’t have to upload data to specific channels.

Just configure the screen to operate in the channel you want, then from the controller drop pages and media into the channels you are using. Channels can be given a friendly name, such as Reception Room to help you identify which screen you are sending pages to.

signage info graphic


Can a signage screen show more than one channel at a time?

Yes, screens can be split up into zones and each zone can operate in a different channel as in the infographic below. The system supports many different zone configurations that are easily configured from a section in the controller.

Infographic of multizone signage screen

This allows you to show lots of different content all at once on a single screen. The image below shows a screen operating in 7 different zones or channels.

Each zone can display multiple pages one after the other in a carousel or slide show along with scheduled content.

signage svreen with ticker message
7 zone screen with message ticker

The player connects to the display screen and downloads all the media and control files from the server so will continue showing the current playlist if the network goes down.

Pages can be sent to a display channel directly from the editor section for speedy operation. Another section of the control system gives you greater control of the process.

How are the players updated

The players ‘check in’ with the cloud server once a minute to look for any updates relevant to their operating channel. If anything has changed the player updates with the latest content.

Network traffic is kept to a minimum by storing (caching) all the pages for display in memory or local storage so if the network becomes disconnected the display screens will carry on showing what they were showing before, although they won’t be updated with new content until the connection is restored.

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