Signage Player Screen Configuration

As the signage screens can be individually configured to operate in many different ways, the controller has a section that allows you to easily setup each players screen.

You can setup your screens for different screen orientations such as landscape or portrait, along with setting how many zones there are on each screen, and the channel each zone operates in.

Screen configurations can be saved with a custom name and applied to other players.

The image below shows the current screen layout options. Each red number identifies a zone that you can configure to operate in the channel you want..

Signage Player Layout Options
Signage screen layout options

If you have multiple signage screens in your building you can set up each screen individually. The controller gives you a view of each of your players and how they are configured.

The page editor has different modes to allow the creation of pages to fit the different shaped zones such as the long narrow banner style zones.

Free-Form Zone Layouts

For total flexibility you can design a screens zone layout in the page editor. This allows players to be positioned above other players. An example is in the holiday shop image below that is made up of 7 individual players. The main background with the phone number is full screen player showing a number of background pages while 6 smaller zones are placed above it and are displaying holiday offers taken from the systems database.

Travel agent information signage screen

More information is in the link below.

Free Form Zone Layouts