Cycle Shops and Digital Signage

Use digital signage in your bike shop or window to attract people to your range of bikes and accessories along with instant price changes and offers.

All you need is a TV connected up to a small PC or Android TV box

Digital signage is far better than printing off posters and looking for somewhere to hang them as a single screen can show multiple posters in a slideshow or even all at the same time with multizone screens.

Easily download product images and logos from the bike manufacturers website and upload it to your signage screen for professional looking results.

The Orangevalley signage system has a page editor where you can drag and resize images to put them where you want them. The system is cloud based, so if you’re too busy we can manage your screen displays for you, just email us the information you want displayed.

A signage screen can be any LCD TV from your local TV shop hooked up to a small PC or Android signage player that we can provide.

Connect it to the Internet and it’s ready to go.