Cycle Shops and Digital Signage

Bicycle shops have never been as much in demand as they are now. The covid-19 lockdown created unprecedented demand for bikes of all types as people abandoned their cars and took to cycling to avoid public transport or simply because cycling is healthy and great fun..

Digital Signage screens for bike shops

With the new found interest in bikes why not use digital signage to promote your bikes and accessories along with the biking lifestyle on big bright colourful screens in your shop or shop window to capture passing trade.

Bike shop owners are usually passionate about cycling and will no doubt have a phone full of photos of their bike rides showing sweeping vistas or fabulous sunsets so straight away you’ve got a source of marketing material you can display on your screens.

Or simple use the many royalty free biking photos on the Internet.

A signage screen costs whatever size TV or monitor you want to use plus mounting brackets and around £50 for a player to drive it and you can easily control it from any internet connected PC or mobile.