DCS – Dynamic Content Spread

DCS or Dynamic Content Spread is a feature to automatically distribute content across your multizone signage screen.

Messages for display are entered into a simple form, so they can be added just as easily from your mobile as from the desktop controller.

Note that this feature is now available for pages created in the editor as well as via the form method described below.

In summary, if you for example put four zones onto a screen and set each zone to operate in the same channel, all the pages put into that channel will be automatically distributed across the four zones.


Why this is good

The great thing with multizone signage screens is they can display lots of different information all at the same time.

The downside is working out where on the screen to put your content, so this does the working out for you.

A conventional single zone screen only shows one page or slide at a time, so if you’re displaying ten pages people will probably only only see a couple of them before walking away.

An example of this would be an estate agents window where they show as many houses for sale as possible. People can find the property they’re after pretty much instantly as lots are on display at the same time.

What this means with digital signage

Take a screen split up into ten zones as in the image below. This example screen shows holiday offers but it could be anything.

Digital Board for Travel Agents

The top left zone is configured as a normal zone that you have full control over, so you can use it for general advertising. The rest of the screen is configured with nine DCS zones hooked into a template which determines how they look.

If you entered nine different holiday offers into the system, each offer would be displayed at the same time in each of the nine DCS zones.

If you entered 15 holiday offers, six of the zones would display a carousel of two holidays, while the other three zones would display one different holiday each, so nine different offers are always on display.

This example allows you to show many holiday offers on a screen all at the same time without you having to decide where to display them, as the system works that out automatically.

Adding or removing messages will update the screens automatically. The image below shows the list of messages in the controller that will be displayed on the screens. You can edit and delete them along with displaying them or not.

easily add messages to a signage screen

If there are less messages than display zones, the system can be configured to switch zones to a display channel so could show default advertising until content is available.

This is a really quick way to update a signage screen as all you’re doing is adding text into it.

The system supports multiple DCS zones so you can use different templates for each zone. You can configure as many zones on a screen to be special DCS zones as you want.

There is a training video in the FAQ section showing how DCS is used.

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