Show External Web Pages on Signage Screens

You might want to show a web page from an external site on your signage screens. An example is shown below.

The external site could be a link to your company intranet or website, or something like the control panel status page from a BMS (Building Automation System) or room booking system.

Lots of automation and control systems now have web based control panels, so this is an easy way to show their output alongside other text and images on your signage screens.

It could also be a link to a video held on YouTube or a Google document with a public link.

Embedding external web pages is easy to do, simply add a text box into the editor and enter the website address into it inside a [web: website address ] text tag. The website will slot into the area defined by the green text box as in the image below.

adding an external website to a signage screen

You can completely fill the page with the external website by setting the text box size to be the same size as the editor edit area or make it as small as you want.

You can embed multiple websites into the same page.

Remember to save the page and then add it into a carousel or playlist to be displayed.

The external site will be slotted into the signage page automatically by putting the site into an iframe within the page.

Note that a lot of big websites like the BBC will detect their page is loaded within another page and block it. To add something like the news headlines you need to use the RSS feed widget.

The external site will be displayed on your signage screen like the image below:

image of a signage screen showing an external websit

Be aware that a signage screen doesn’t normally have a mouse attached, so a page that’s longer than the embedded height will be cut off. Ideally you will be in control of the external site and make a section of it that fits onto the signage screen.

If you have a screen running on a tablet or desktop display than a mouse could be used to scroll the content.

If you have multiple pages in a playlist or carousel that have external sites embedded in them they will be shown one after the other in the normal carousel.

Note that pages loaded like this won’t be updated unless the page itself updates itself via something like ajax as the pages in the iframe aren’t reloaded each time they come into view. Most modern control panel type pages will be auto updating.

We will add a refresh option at a later date to reload the page periodically.


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