Screen Scraping for Signage

If you have a website and want to take information from it to put onto signage screens our screen scraper might be able to help. This saves you having to update your website and a signage system with the same data.

Our screen scraper will periodically visit your website and extract certain text and links to images that it then stores in our signage CMS.

This data is then inserted into a page template and displayed on your screens.

With multizone signage screens you can use some zones for scraped content and others for locally produced content created with the page editor.

The system isn’t perfect as it has to search for named containers in a web page to know where to get the data from, but for most data driven websites this doesn’t ever change. We would have to configure the scraper to work with your website.

Examples of where you might use this would be if you want to put a large screen in your estate agent or travel agents shop and show properties or holiday offers on it.

If this is something you’re interested in email us the website URL along with what you want to achieve and we will have a look to see what’s possible.

If you’re sending us a link to a website send us an email rather than using the web form as the system will probably filter out links.

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