Replacing Vintage Receiver Tuning Dial Bulbs with LEDs

Vintage HiFi receivers and amplifiers use filament light bulbs to illuminate the radio tuning dial and things like the VU meters and turning / signal strength meters.

If you need any bulbs replacing in your vintage hifi receiver or amplifier I can replace them with the same original type or with LEDs. Please contact me for a quote. I’m in the UK.

The original filament bulbs if still fitted are delicate and prone to failure from the stress of powering them up many times. The slightest knock to the receiver can also cause them to fail.

vintage receiver showing LED v filament lights behind the tuning dial

The modern day solution is to replace the unreliable filament bulbs with LED versions as they’re more robust.

The photo above shows a vintage Pioneer SX-434 receiver showing a tuning dial illuminated with old style filament bulbs and a modern LED one. The LED is behind the part of the tuning dial with the number 104.

As you can see, the LED is brighter than the others so ideally the bulbs should all be of the same type for even illumination.

The advantages of LEDs are they tend to be brighter and use a lot less power than filament bulbs so don’t generate anywhere near as much heat. They’re also available in ‘warm white’ so will be similar in colour temperature as the original filament ones.

It’s still possible to get the filament bulbs used in old HiFi receivers and some people prefer them so you have a choice.

Please contact me for a repair quote if you need any bulbs replacing in your vintage amplifier or receiver or to have it repaired and or checked over.

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