Technics SL1210 Repair & RCA Phono Cable Replacement

The RCA phono leads on Technics SL1210 turntables (or other makes) often get internal breaks in them and become intermittent or cut the sound off completely.

We can replace your faulty phono leads with new ones along with investigating intermittent sound problems. As a guide, obtaining and fitting a new set of leads is normally less than £40 (Sept 2022).

Technjcs turntable repairs

If you want a quote for the replacement of Technics RCA  phono cables / leads please contact us for the latest prices.

replacement rca phono cables for Technics SL1210 turntables

The cables we use are the same thickness as the originals and both the left and right signal wires have individual screens. We can also replace the earth wire.

replacing faulty RCA or phono cables on technics SL1210 turntable

Faulty turntables can be dropped off for repair to us in Nailsworth (near Stroud in Gloucestershire) or shipped.

If shipping, please ensure you pack it adequately to avoid damage to the tonearm and cartridge and prevent the platter coming off and damaging anything including the motor magnets.

Turntable belt replacement

A lot of hifi turntables have a belt that connects the turntable to the motor. If you need the belt replacing or new phono leads fitting please contact us for a quote.

We can also replace the cartridge and stylus for you.

Email us at for a quote.

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