Record Deck and Turntable Repairs

If you’re into vinyl and have an old turntable that’s faulty I can repair it for you. Typically they need old phono cables replacing and possibly a new belt but there can be other problems.

Please contact me for a repair quote.

Trio Turntable repairs

Turntables are delicate and require careful handling so it might be safer to drop the turntable off rather than sending it. They can be dropped off in Nailsworth which is just out of Stroud in Gloucestershire by prior arrangement.

If you need a new cartridge fitting to the headshell or the headshell wiring replaced I can do this for you.

If the turntable doesn’t sound right you might want to leave the cartridge and stylus fitted as that might be where the problem is. Obviously hifi sound is very subjective so I might not hear what you’re hearing unless it’s really obviously distorted.

If your turntable has an expensive cartridge and stylus feel free to remove the headshell if you’d rather keep it at home while I repair it. I won’t need it for replacing any cables.