Electronics Repair Prices

Electronics / HiFi Repair Prices

For general electronics repairs prices start at around £35. There will be a small charge for items that don’t exhibit the reported fault as I might have to spend a lot of time waiting or persuading it to go wrong.

Items that need something like a power supply swapped out or a broken connector on a PCB replaced are generally straightforward.

Items can be sent to me through the post or dropped off. Contact me first before doing either.

Amplifier Repairs

Amplifier repairs start at around £40 unless it’s a simple fault that doesn’t require a lot of diagnostics or disassembly time. Some amplifiers are easier to work on than others so please ask.

Things such as volume controls that crackle when turned should for example be a quick fix and cost less.

If you need old light bulbs replacing in vintage amplifiers and receivers I can do these. The bulbs are typically used to illuminate tuning dials or VU meters. They can be replaced with the original type or modern LED ones.

Home Theater Receiver Repairs

In general I don’t take them on as they’re complex and often not repairable due to failed digital signal processor (DSP) chips that are either obsolete or unobtainable.

Feel free to ask though. I’m familiar with Onkyo TX-SR receivers.

Turntable Repairs / Record Deck Repair

I can replace things like faulty phono cables, belts, mains leads and cartridges along with setting up the cartridge alignment and weight.

If you want it serviced you need to tell me what you expect the service to consist of. I won’t for example re grease or oil the turntable bearings as the grease etc often needs to be specific to the particular turntable. It’s a messy mechanical process and not my thing.

Email me about your electronics repair including any relevant photos orangevalleysystems@gmail.com

Digital Signage Prices

Please contact me for prices.