Orangevalley Signage & Repair Prices

Our signage system and electronics repairs price list. Prices are in UK sterling. For other currencies use a currency converter to get prices for your country.

Electronics Repair Prices

As a guide, we try to keep the cost of repairs to below £20 but not everything is straightforward and parts may be required which will be chargeable.

For digital signage we offer a free 14 day trial. Free Trial

Digital Signage Subscription Prices

Monthly subscription £40 – covers up to four players (four screens). If you only need a single screen system please ask about reduced pricing.

Six month and yearly subscriptions at a reduced rate are available.

A modern web browser can be used as a signage player. You need to configure the PC to start the browser in kiosk mode when it boots.

We can supply ready configured signage player PCs as below.

Android TV Box Signage Players

Player only £65 + applicable subscription

These are small Android devices approx 100mm x 100mm x 20mm.

They are supplied with player software that will start when the device switches on and connects to your cloud account so all you need to do is connect them to your wired network and a screen. Please use the wired network port rather than WiFi as the WiFi isn’t always reliable.

If you need the device configured to drive a screen in portrait orientation this needs to be specified when you order.

Raspberry Pi 4 (4gb) Signage Players

Please ask as hardware prices aren’t stable due to shortages in the semiconductor industry.

The Raspberry Pi 4 player is a complete Pi 4 fitted into a metal case with a small cooling fan. It comes with a PSU and 1m HDMI cable and is configured to connect to your signage account on power up. It has better performance than the Android player.

Please specify if you want it to operate in portrait or landscape mode when it starts.

Full screen browser software

Our players boot into a full screen web browser configured to connect to a predefined URL. They can be configured to connect to any URL so if you have a need for a small standalone device to connect to a web page and display it full screen without any toolbars cluttering up the screen you could use one of our players.

These applications might be building automation system control panels, CCTV applications or other HTML5 signage systems for example.

In these instances, use the player only prices. There is no subscription charge as they don’t connect to our signage control system.

Signage subscription Notes

You can use four players per subscription. Please ask about pricing for different quantities or discounts.

Players are supplied with a power supply and a 1m HDMI cable to connect it to your screen. Payers will be shipped configured to connect to your signage account, although you will need to go into the signage control system dashboard to authorise the player and select how its screen is configured, ie the display channel it operates in (we can do this for you).

Disk space on your signage account is limited to 6GB which should be plenty for the vast majority of users. The media manager allows you to delete unwanted files.

Monthly subscriptions can be cancelled at any time. Six and twelve month subscriptions can be cancelled at the end of the term.

More disk space can be purchased / negotiated if required.