Digital Poster and Signage Editor

Being able to quickly create a message or poster for display on your signage screens from within the control system makes updating your screens quick and easy.

To this end the signage controller features a page editor that allows you to design a message by placing photos and text where you want them. Once designed, it’s sent to your screens for display with a couple of mouse clicks.

This is all done in your web browser so you don’t need to install any software.

digital signage page editor

Pages or posters created in the editor are in a format that the players are able to scale up or down to fit any screen resolution, so it’s a one page fits all solution.

Media such as images can be uploaded from your PC directly into the editor. They will also be stored in the media library for use at any time.

Previously created pages can be edited at any time.

You can of course load images into the editor or the media library created by dedicated  graphics and photo editors.

Features include

  • Drag and drop editing
  • Different display formats such as landscape and portrait
  • Insert external web pages in a page
  • Insert data from a spreadsheet (CSV export)
  • Animation effects
  • Text formatting and colour options
  • Borders around text and images
  • Curved Corners
  • Semi Transparency
  • Page background colour & images
  • Layer control. Move items behind or in front of other items
  • Turn items into links to build a mini website
  • Send display pages to screens directly from the editor section
  • Save pages as templates
Digital signage screens on a plain wall
The images on the above screens were created with the Orangevalley Systems signage page editor

Touchscreen Page Creation

The mini website builder is another very useful feature in the touch enabled world as it allows you to turn text or images into links to other signage pages.

Convert text and images into links

By creating a number of pages with links in them you can send an interactive mini website to your signage screens.