Can I just buy the digital signage software?
Yes you can. We offer both software and hardware solutions.


Is your system plug in and run?
Yes, our NDDWeb digital signage players have everything pre-installed and just need connecting to a large display screen and your network. If you have firewalls installed you may need to get your IT dept to allow port 80 traffic to the master controller unit.


How do I add additional noticeboard PCs (Players)?
Just add them to the network. You can either setup a shared directory on the player that the web server will push the files into or configure the player to fetch updates via an http connection from the web server.


Will there be a lot of network traffic all the time?
No, the noticeboard players download all media and pages to their own hard drive. Once they have the file it’s never passed over the network again unless the file is altered. If they cannot connect to the web server they will carry on working as before except the data will not be updated.


Do I need to install any software?
If you purchase an NDDWeb player unit then no as these units come with everything ready installed and you connect to it with your web browser. If you purchase our software for use on your own PCs then yes, but only on the PC that connects to the noticeboard screen.


Does it only work on a Windows PC?
The control system being browser based can be used on any operating system that supports a web browser and flash. You can control the system from MAC, Linux and Windows PCs. The webserver and player software only runs on Windows, but can be any version of XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8 and 10 including the low cost home versions.


What’s a Display Group?
Each screen is operated in a Group (a number between 1 and 200). Think of a group as a TV channel. If all your TVs are tuned to channel 1 they would all show the same thing. All digital signage screens in Group 1 would all also all show the same thing. You can put your screens into any group you want, then allocate your message pages to appear in any group. This in effect gives you a multi channel display system.


I can’t think in terms of groups, can I give the groups names such as Reception Screen?
Yes, you can give any group (or zone) any name you want. The control system will then show you the name so you don’t have to remember which screen is where.


What is a zone?
The electronic noticeboard screens can be split into different areas that we call zones. Each zone operates in a Group.


Can each zone be in any group?
Yes, they can be in any individual group. You could have a four zone screen with the first three zones being in groups 1, 2 and 3 while the fourth zone could be in group 100.


If I have four noticeboard screens, can each screen show different numbers of zones to the other screens?
Yes, each screen can be configured any way you want.


Can I treat a multi zone screen as a single zone and just put all my pages into that?
Yes, our DCS (Dynamic Content Spread) system allows you to configure a number of zones to act as a single ‘virtual group’ and the system will then split the pages you want displayed equally between each zone. If you had a screen split into four zones, and wanted to display four pages, DCS would show each page in a different zone with the advantage that all your four message pages would be on display all the time, or for much longer than if the system was showing four pages on a large full screen single zone. You can of course switch DCS off.


Do I have to split the screen up into zones?
No, you can operate the screen as a large single zone that fills the whole screen.


Will the system show RSS news feeds?
Yes, our web server product can be configured with any number of RSS feeds that you can then link to a display group (or zone) and a page template. The RSS data will be downloaded every hour, decoded and the data slotted into a page template. If the RSS feed has say 20 items, the system will create 20 pages with each feed item in it and display them one after the other.

Some RSS news feeds contain the entire article while others have a small snippet of information. The player will automatically select a smaller font for longer articles and a larger one for shorter ones, thus ensuring the article correctly fits without the need to scroll it.

Articles longer than 200 words will be truncated.


What is an RSS news feed?
All the major media companies such as the BBC and newspapers make their news available as an RSS feed. This is often a news headline followed by a snippet of news. RSS Feeds offer a very easy way to present the news on your electronic noticeboard screens without having to do any typing! There are also companies on the Internet that specialise in providing custom RSS feeds, so if a major news item is happening you could quickly add a customised feed that only shows the items of news you were interested in.


Will it display scrolling ticker messages?
Yes, you can create your own messages to be shown in a ticker message. You can even have a number of different ticker messages and the system will join ticker messages together. You can set the text colour and background colour for each ticker message.


Can I show different ticker messages on different screens?
Yes, the ticker messages operate in groups, so different ticker groups can show different messages.


Can I block some users from accessing certain zones or groups?
Yes, you can configure which zones (groups) individual users have control over.


Does the Room Booking software have to be used for room bookings?
The system can be used for anything that requires a list of daily events to be displayed. Be aware that it only shows events based on the current days date.


What hardware do you provide?
Our standard NDD1 digital signage players are based on the 1.8GHz Intel Atom CPU or the new AMD Fusion processors. These mini-itx based units offer good performance with very low power consumption, typically around 30 watts. Our multiscreen NDD units such as the NDD8 that can put individual messages onto eight different screens will have a much faster CPU, multi output graphics cards and be built into a larger case with better cooling.


Can I drive more than one screen from a single unit?
Yes, with a combination of CAT5 extenders and VGA splitters you can show the same content on multiple screens up to 130 metres away from the unit. We can supply you with all the required additional parts.


Can a single NDD unit put different messages on say ten different screens?
Our multi output NDD units are fitted with multiple dual or quad output graphics and can give you individual control of up to ten screens. These units are often used to show meeting room information outside meeting rooms in hotels or conference centres.


Do you supply large screens?
Generally no as you will get a far better price by buying these direct from the big box shifters.


Do you supply VGA Splitters, CAT5 extenders and long VGA Leads?
Yes. If you can supply us with distance information between the noticeboard PC and the screen locations etc We would be happy to work out the best combination of splitters, cables, and cat5 extenders you would need for a given system. If you send us building plans, these should be in a standard format such as pdf or jpg.


Do you export?
Yes, We ship hardware and software around the world.