HiFi Servicing and Check Over

I can give your audio equipment a check over and repair any bad soldering etc along with checking the internal mains wiring and earthing are in good condition.

If it’s old and you’re attached to it there’s no need to spend hundreds of pounds on something new. Modern hifi can be expensive and the choice of reasonably priced equipment is far less than it was in the past.

If needed I can fit a new cartridge and stylus to your turntable along with setting the tracking weight and checking the cartridge is aligned correctly. I’ve seen a few turntables fitted with cheap no name eBay cartridges that cause various problems. I usually fit an AT series Audio-Technica cartridge and stylus sourced from a reputable hifi dealer so it’s the real deal.

A top off inspection of your old hifi will show me if somethings been repaired in the past so I can check any previous repair work or circuit board damage.

If you’ve just acquired an old amplifier for example it’s good to get an idea of its history and internal condition and to make sure the mains wiring is safe. An audio signal generator will be connected to it and the output checked on an oscilloscope to ensure the output isn’t distorted,

The output transistor bias settings will be checked and adjusted if the manufacturers information is available.

HiFi equipment can last tens of years so has plenty of time for faults to develop, especially with items like amplifiers that can generate a lot of heat.

Solder joints on circuit boards go bad causing intermittent sound problems and rotary controls such as the volume control and switches get dirt in them that make the speakers crackle as they’re turned. Their mechanical movement can also cause fractures in the solder that attaches them to the circuit board. These faults are generally quick to locate repair.

Capacitors can leak fluid onto the circuit board creating a mess before they fail completely.

Vintage hifi usually has light bulbs illuminating tuning dials and VU meters etc that will probably fail at some point, if they haven’t already! I can replace any blown bulbs with modern ‘warm white’ LED versions or the same (near as) original filament type.

If you want me to check over and service your audio equipment please contact me for prices etc. I will need the model number so I can look it up to give me an idea of what might be involved.

If you need some HiFi or audio equipment repaired or checking over please contact me for a quote.

Electronics and Audio Repair in Gloucestershire

I’m located in Nailsworth near Stroud in Gloucestershire. Equipment can be dropped off or shipped to me by prior arrangement.