Free Covid-19 Stay Safe Graphics

Since the arrival of Covid-19 everybody needs to be aware of the current government safety guidelines for their own protection and the protection of others.

Digital signage allows you to almost instantly change displayed safety messages to match the latest government or your own guidelines.

A case in point, since I created all these images the rules on social distancing in the UK are about to change and the 2m rule is probably dropping down to 1m.

This won’t be the last change, it will continue to change for the foreseeable future.

If you’re using digital signage, just put some text over the wording you want to change with the background colour set to hex 0000d0 (for the blue ones) and save the page. You screens will pick up the changes and show the changed page.

Changing information on signage screens is a lot quicker and cheaper than reprinting posters.

With multi-zone signage screens you can leave your safety messages on display all the time while showing other messages or advertising on different parts of the screen.

To aid you in this pandemic we have created a number of free graphics that can be used on your existing signage screens or simply printed out and put on the wall.

The images are free to use but have the following conditions:

They cannot be used in large organisations with multiple sites such as retail chains or large businesses without permission.

The NHS and educational establishments can use them in any way they wish as can small shops, offices and factories.

The images cannot be used as marketing material for advertising competing digital signage and electronic noticeboard systems without attribution and permission.

You are free to use them on existing in house signage systems supplied by us or others but note the above.