Estate Agent Digital Signage

Our Estate Agent digital signage application allows you to display your properties for sale on a large screen TV without you having to do any additional work as the information can be pulled directly off your website.

estate agent signage screen

The system can be configured to show multiple properties at once or use the whole screen for each property. If there are more properties than will fit onto a screen they will be added into a carousel and displayed one after the other.

Show your own advertising along with properties

You can use different zones on the screen to show general advertising relevant to individual branches that you can create in the page editor alongside the property details.

The video below shows the system in operation.

The look of the display is created from a template that you can easily create in the editor or we can design one for you. The image below is using a different template.

signage for estate agents

By using our website scraper technology the system will automatically update itself by fetching relevant items of information from your website such as the property price, location and photo and putting it into a template, so once the system is setup it largely manages itself.

This saves you having to update both a website and the signage system with essentially the same information which is counter productive, although you can create individual property pages manually.

Once the system has collected the information you can view it as a list in the controller and remove any items you don’t want displayed.

You can also change the cycle time in seconds of the display carousel.

Photos of properties are held in memory, so once the carousel has been downloaded the network traffic is minimal.

As estate agency websites are all different we need to configure our website scraper to work with your website.

If you’re interested send us the URL to your website and we will have a look to see if the data can easily be obtained from it.

The prices are our standard ones found on the price list in the Contact Us section.