Estate Agent Digital Signage

Our Estate Agent digital signage allows you to display your properties for sale or rent on a large screen TVs.

Information can be automatically pulled off your website with our site scraper or you can create property pages manually.

Our system has a mode where you can upload ‘flyers’ directly to a screen.

Signage screens in your shop or window can be updated over the Internet which saves you time updating the paper details shown in the window.

You can also create your own property pages with the built in signage editor.

estate agent signage screen

The system can be configured to show multiple properties at once or use the whole screen for each property.

If there are more properties than will fit on a screen they will be added into a carousel and displayed one after the other.

Show your own marketing material alongside property details

You can use different zones on the screen to show general advertising alongside the property details.

The video below shows the system in operation.

The look of the display is created from a template created in the editor so it can look anyway you want it to.

signage for estate agents