Electronics and Electrical Repair

In addition to supplying digital signage we also use our 35+ years in the electronics test and repair industry to offer electronics repair services in Gloucestershire (well, from anywhere if you can send it).

Lots of small businesses and consumers use equipment that fails on them that can often be fairly easily repaired.

We have electronics repair skills in the following fields

  • Electrical items
  • Hi-Fi, TV and PCs
  • Retail audio amplifiers
  • Broadcast equipment, teletext and audio description
  • Betting shop display systems
  • AES Audio (digital audio)
  • SDI Video (digital video)
  • Signage display systems
  • Touch screen terminals
  • Car electronics and broken key fobs
  • Video gaming and fruit machines
  • ATMEL AVR (Arduino) based circuits

While not everything is repairable due to parts availability or it requires special test jigs that we don’t have to test it with, or simply that the time taken to effect a repair will take too long to be viable, a lot of things are easily repaired. Things like wires that become detached from circuit boards for example are easy fixes.

To send items, use something like parcel monkey to get the best shipping prices.

Email us about your repair including relevant photos to: email orangevalley

The board below is one of a number of boards we were asked to replace a large relay on. The boards are used in a product sold by a non electronics company so they didn’t have the skills to replace the part themselves. We are happy to take on small quantity work such as this.

Motor Controller Board
Controller Board

We refurbish and repair old Hi-Fi (usually Onkyo) for resale after checking it over for obvious signs of impending failure such as bulging capacitors, crackling switches and controls, dry joints etc and repair anything that needs it.

Unlike a lot of modern Hi-Fi, thirty or forty year old amplifiers have record deck phono inputs to please all those into the vinyl revival and cassette deck inputs as that’s also making a comeback.

A vintage Technics SU-V550 amplifier after repair. These old amplifiers use a heat pipe to draw heat away from the amplifier module to a larger heatsink.
Checking an Onkyo amplifier
Checking an Onyko TX-NR609 surround sound amplifier

Onkyo TX-SR607 No Front Panel Display

CB500F Speedo Backlight

Onkyo CR-515DAB

Repairing an Onkyo HT-R380

Repair of an Onkyo CR305 not switching on

If you have a requirement for any electronics repair, test jigs or testing please contact us via the email link below, ideally sending a photo of what’s faulty and what you think needs fixing.

Email: us here