Electronics Repairs

In addition to supplying digital signage we also use our 35+ years in the electronics repair industry (teletext, broadcast, video gaming machines, signage) to supply refurbished vintage Hi-Fi and offer electronics repair services in the Stroud area.

While not everything is repairable due to parts availability, or the time taken to effect a repair will take too long to be viable, a lot of things are easily fixed.

Why buy new when you an put some life back into your old equipment and save some money in the process.

Testing a vintage Technics SU-V550 amplifier after repair


Checking an Onkyo amplifier
Checking an Onyko TX-NR609 surround sound amplifier

We specialise in refurbishing old HiFi for resale after checking it all over for obvious signs of impending failure such as bulging capacitors, crackling switches and controls, dry joints etc and repair anything that needs it.

Items are then cleaned up for resale and will be put on ebay under the seller name vintage-electronic-hifi and will also be listed here.

If you have any requirement for electronics repair or testing please contact us via the email link below.

Email: repairs@orangevalleysystems.com