Electronics Recapping Service

If you need some electronics recapped I can do this for you with a few provisos, these being (generally this applies to old amplifiers):

If you want me to purchase an expensive recapping kit I will need payment for it upfront. I can take payment online.

Components from suppliers in the UK that sell genuine parts usually sell capacitors in packs of 5 or 10 so the price jumps up rapidly if you need a handful of different values.

A recapping kit is the quick and easy solution. Kits are available for most vintage amplifiers.

Things like old amplifiers have lots of capacitors so replacing all of them could easily be a days work so expect to pay at least £100.

You don’t necessarily need to replace all the capacitors though as most will be perfectly fine.

In the first instance email me about the required work, ideally with a photo of the equipment or circuit board along with the model number.

Why change the capacitors?

Electrolytic capacitors can fail, change value or stop working completely. Some fail with obvious bulges on the top or by leaking fluid all over the board while other faulty ones look perfectly fine. In certain cases they explode!

Larger capacitors often have glue between the capacitor and circuit board  to prevent strain on the solder joints. The glue can take many forms and might look like a leaking capacitor when it isn’t.

Electrolytic capacitors fitted next to parts that get hot such as heatsinks or high wattage resistors are prime candidates for failure, especially older ones as they’re often only rated at 85°C. These are the ones I’d be inclined to replace with newer ones rated at 105°C.

Failing capacitors in the power supply section can cause an amplifier to hum, although that can also be caused by ground loops due to earthing problems. If an amp hums (through the speakers) disconnect everything that’s connected to its inputs. If it still has a hum then it’s a component failure.

Non electrolytic capacitors are unlikely to need replacing as they’re of a completely different construction.

If you want some advice on what to have replaced and the cost please contact me.

I use anti static mats and wrist straps to minimize the risk of static damage.

Contact me by Email: orangevalleysystems@gmail.com