Electronics Recapping Service

If you need some electronics recapped I can do this for you. If the item has lots of capacitors it’s usually easier to get a recapping kit that you can give to me with the equipment.

If a kit isn’t available I can obtain them from respected UK suppliers such as CPC or RS components. These will be the real deal and not unknown Chinese ones from eBay.

You can send or drop off the circuit board or the whole item.

If I have to undertake a long process to get the circuit boards out it might add to the cost.

In the first instance email me about the required work, ideally with a photo.

Why change the capacitors?

Electrolytic capacitors can fail, change value or stop working completely. Some fail with obvious bulges on the top or by leaking fluid all over the board while other faulty ones look perfectly fine.

Larger capacitors often have glue between the capacitor and circuit board. This can make it look like it’s leaking when it’s actually ok.

Ones fitted near parts that get hot such as heatsinks or high wattage resistors are prime candidates for failure, especially older ones as they’re often only rated for 85°C. Capacitors are now available with a higher 105°C rating so should last longer.

I use anti static mats and wrist straps to minimize the risk of static damage.

Contact me by Email: orangevalleysystems@gmail.com