Electronic Noticeboards

Do you have this in your workplace, school or cafe?

It could easily be replaced by a multi-zone electronic noticeboard screen.

Too many messages on a corkboard
Replace your overloaded old noticeboard with a large TV screen

Below is an electronic noticeboard to replace the old style cork board shown above.


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Electronic noticeboards and digital signage isn’t just used for showing adverts or product videos on huge screens outside supermarkets. Many organisations use it to show messages to their staff and visitors.

Messages can be created with the built in page editor and sent to any of your signage screens. Full screen images created in DTP and graphics packages such as Photoshop can be uploaded straight to a screen.

Noticeboard screens operate in channels so different content can be shown on different screens. Put them all in the same channel and they will display the same content.

Take the faff out of updating a noticeboard with a digital one from Orangevalley Systems

Hospitals and GP surgeries can use digital signage to display patient and staff information along with the news to give people something to read while waiting.

Factories can use it for showing messages to staff about production requirements or parts shortages etc.