Electronic Noticeboards

Do you have this in your workplace, school or cafe?

It could easily be replaced by a multi-zone electronic noticeboard screen.

Too many messages on a corkboard
Overloaded cork noticeboard could be replaced with a large TV screen

If you run a busy club or other public space why not put a big screen up on the wall and charge people to put notices or adverts on it?

With multizone you can display your own advertising at the same time.

Staff Noticeboards

Digital signage isn’t all about showing adverts or product videos on huge screens outside supermarkets or on the side of bus stops. Many people use it simply to show messages for their staff and visitors.

Digital noticeboard systems are ideal for the office, factory, school, waiting rooms etc as an old style cork noticeboard can easily be converted into an electronic one.

“No need to look for drawing pins or sticky tape when you need to put a notice up!”

Hospitals and GP surgeries can use digital signage to display patient and staff information along with the news to give people something to read while waiting.

Factories can use it for showing messages to staff about production requirements or parts shortages etc.