Electronic Noticeboard Uses

Do you have this in your workplace, school or cafe? It could easily be replaced by a multizone electronic notice board screen!

Too many messages on a corkboard
Overloaded cork board could be replaced with a large TV screen

What is digital signage and how can it be used?

So you think you need an electronic noticeboard or digital signage system for the office, workplace or small shop but aren’t sure how best to use it.

Signage systems slot into a couple of broad categories, advertising or messages. Or a mixture of both!

Advertising Systems

An advertising system might typically be used in a retail environment and can be used to show advertising in the form of static pages or promotional product videos.

Static advertising pages can be produced very quickly with our system editor and pages can be enhanced with the easy to apply built in animation effects. This will be a lot cheaper to put together if you are on a budget than having an advertising video made.

Cheap little photography light tents make taking product photographs very easy and images taken with a modern smartphone will be perfectly good enough for advertising on a signage screen.

Showing messages on screens

Digital signage isn’t all about showing fancy adverts or product videos outside supermarkets or on the side of bus stops. Many people use it simply to show messages.

Message display systems are ideal for the office, factory, school, waiting rooms etc as an old style noticeboard can easily be converted into an electronic noticeboard.

“No need to look for drawing pins or sticky tape when you need to put a notice up!”

No more looking for some drawing pins when the latest posters are sent to you for putting up in your waiting room. The material can easily be put onto the signage screens by scanning  or even photographing it. We can help with this if required.

Hospitals and GP surgeries can use digital signage to display patient and staff information along with the news to give people something to read while waiting.

Factories could use it for showing messages to staff about production requirements or parts shortages etc.

Mixed Use

Our multi zone system is perfect for mixed use as multiple messages or pages can be left on display all at the same time in different areas of the screen. You might have a large central display area for your own messages and charge local businesses to place advertisements in other areas of the screen if you own a public place such as a cafe or sports centre.

Multizone digital signage is the closest you can get to an old style noticeboard or corkboard.

Being able to view different messages at the same time is far better than having to wait for half a dozen other pages to cycle around to get to the one that caught your attention a few minutes earlier.