Digital Signage and Noticeboard Controller

The signage system is controlled from your web browser for ease of use and access. The control system has everything you need to create attention grabbing displays that include animation, and to send them to your display screens.

Easy Mode

Add messages to screens as easily as adding a post to a forum.

Creative Mode

Use the page editor to create attention grabbing pages

Easy and Creative

Use both modes for ease of use and maximum impact

Digital signage for art galleries and exhibitions
Quickly edit pages or slides for signage screens

The web based control system has been designed to be as easy to use as a conventional desktop application and includes a WYSIWYG page editor that allows you to drag, drop and resize page elements to create attention grabbing displays in no time.

The editor allows you to upload photos / artworks and videos that can be inserted into your pages and displayed on your screens. Scanned leaflets could also be uploaded for display on your signage screens.

A tabbed interface allows you to quickly swap between different sections of the controller, and as each section remains in memory when not in view there is no waiting for reloads as you switch between sections.

The editor can create slides for screens operating in either landscape or portrait orientation.

Pages created with the editor are display resolution independent so a landscape slide will scale up or down to fit any resolution landscape screen as long as the display aspect ratio is the same.

Signage page editor in landscape mode

The same page as above in the editor in digital poster or portrait mode.

Signage page editor in portrait mode

And how it might look on the signage display screens

Advertising on digital signage screens
The same advertising created in our online editor being displayed on screens in both landscape and portrait orientation

Pages scale to fit the display screen zone size

The following image shows the same page being shown in two different size zones on the same display screen. The system simply scales the page up or down to fit (this isn’t an exact science, text may wrap to another row if you crop the text container too tightly).

Pages scale up and down to fit different zone sizes
The same page displayed in two different size zones by auto scaling

As an added convenience  you can send pages directly from the editor to your display screens without having to leave the editor section, although there are dedicated sections of the signage controller for doing this.

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