Noticeboard Controller

Our electronic noticeboard system is all controlled from a browser based control system that is sent out from our special dedicated web server.

Our web server makes installation of the system as simple as running a software installer, and unlike the IIS or Apache web servers there are no complicated configuration hoops to go through.

This also means a versatile web based digital signage system running on your own  internal PCs without the overhead of a monthly cloud subscription.

Our web server can be installed on any Windows machine including the one that's connected to the noticeboard screen.

electronic noticeboard controller for schools

The control system has been designed to be easy to operate and includes a WYSIWYG page editor that allows you to create both landscape and portrait format pages as shown in the two images below.

The same page above in the editor in portrait mode, often now known as digital posters or network posters.

Portrait mode is for displaying pages on a screen that has been mounted with the long edges vertically.

While the system displays HTML pages, you don't need to know anything at all about how web pages work as what you see in the editor will be what you see on the display screens.

The following image shows the same same page being shown in two different size zones on the same screen. The system simply scales the page up or down to fit.

As we wanted to keep the system quick and easy to use, the page creation and the sending of the page to display screens can all be done from within the page editor section.

Being able to see the page to confirm it's the one you want displayed is a lot better than having to keep jumping back and fourth between different sections.

The different sections of the controller are colour coded with the blue section for adding pages and media to a display channel (play list or carousel creation) and a green section for scheduling content.

The images below show the green and blue sections that are available within the page editor section. Much finer control is available from within the controller.


Note that in the blue section there is a check box marked as Simulate Noticeboard. This puts the editor into noticeboard simulator mode where the editor will simulate a noticeboard screen by loading the pages in the list below it into the editor in the same way the noticeboard screen shows them.