Digital Signage FAQ

June 2020 – We have a number of video tutorials on our YouTube channel.
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If you’re using our old system we can port your pages over to the new cloud system

Is it easy to be up and running?

As the signage player in its simplest form is a web application you could just run a web browser running in kiosk mode connected to your signage account.

How do I add additional Players?

From the main control panel you create a player PIN and name for the player. New players will ask you to enter the pin (it can only be used once).

From the control panel you can then enable or disable the player identified by it’s PIN and configure the channel it operates in and the screen zone layout.

Are players running Windows, Linux or Android?

Our standard player is a web browser application and runs on any platform. Just configure a player PC to start a web browser such as Chrome or Firefox to start in kiosk mode at a specified web address when the PC boots up.

Will there be a lot of network traffic?

No, once the player has downloaded a carousel of pages they are all stored in memory.

Do I need to install any software?

No, the controller and player are modern web applications that run in a browser. Simply configure the player PC to start the browser in kiosk mode connecting to your account URL.

Kiosk mode is a browser running full screen without any buttons or toolbars.

What’s a Display Channel?

Each signage screen operates in a display channel. Think of a channel as like a TV channel.

If all your TVs are tuned into the same channel they would all show the same thing. You can put your signage screens, and zones within a screen into any channel you want.

Can I give the channels names such as Reception Screen?

Yes, you can give any channel any name you want. The control system will then show you the name so you don’t have to remember which screen is in which channel.

How many channels would I need?

That depends on how many screens you require and if you want them all to display the same content.

Ten screens operating in channel 1 would all show the same content. Ten screens operating in ten different channels could show different content on each screen.

Managing content for multiple channels will take more time although different departments could be in control of their own screen channel.

The system supports 200 channels but the controller can be configured to only allow a given user access to specific channels.

What’s a display zone?

Signage screens can be split up into different areas that we call zones. Each zone operates in a channel. Additionally, each zone operates as an individual player so it will show its own playlists or carousels etc.

Can each zone be in any channel?

Yes, they can be in any channel.

If you put multiple zones into the same channel, content for that channel will be distributed across the zones.

Can multiple screens be configured differently to each other?

Yes, each screen can be configured any way you want.

Do I have to split the screen up into zones?

No, the screen can just be one zone that fills the screen.

Will it display scrolling ticker messages?

Yes. A simple interface makes adding ticker messages very easy. You can enter a number of different ticker messages and the system will join the ticker messages together.

Can I show different ticker messages on different screens?

Yes, the ticker messages operate in channels, so different ticker channels can show different messages. Multiple ticker messages put into the same channel will be joined together.

What’s the difference between a digital signage system and an electronic noticeboard system?

They are one and the same. Different people search for the product using different names.