Display the latest news on signage screens

Display the latest news along with your own content on your signage screens with the ‘Newsboard’.

This is a feature of the standard system, not a separate product.

You can mix news with your own messages or advertising on the same screen at the same time. The constantly updating news means the screens always have something new to read, so people will see your other messages at the same time.

This is a perfect solution for people in waiting rooms or reception areas and is very easy to setup as the news feeds are built into the system.

Signage screen showing 8 RSS news feeds

The images above and below show a newsboard configured to display 8 and 10 different BBC RSS news feeds. The number in the lower right of each zone shows the number of news items it will display, which in this case is 15 items for each news type.

Orangevalley Newsboard

You can configure a screen so the news fills the whole screen or show the news in any of the display zones that a screen can be split up into.

Signage Player Screen Configuration

News from the feeds (BBC feeds at the moment) is automatically inserted into a page template created in our editor. The template allows you to setup how the news is displayed, so you have full control of the colours and appearance of the display.

Showing RSS News Feeds on signage

Once the system is configured, the screens will fetch the latest news automatically so require no user intervention.

Different templates can be used with different news feeds, so technology news for example could be displayed differently to political news.

You can configure the screen to only show news, or show a combination of news along with other content created in the editor, or from our Active Templates messaging system.

A section in the controller allows you to configure the system.

Below is a speeded up screen capture of a newsboard.

This is an ideal product for use in places such as waiting rooms as you can show your latest messages or offers alongside ever changing news.