Video Walls

Our multizone digital signage player and controller offer video wall functionality.

Configuration options allow you to define its top left corner, width and height which enables it to be spread over a number of displays if your player is equipped with multihead or multiple graphics cards without having to install additional video wall control software.

Due to the way it can be configured, you can also run our signage player multiple times on the same PC, so if you had a video wall of say six screens the signage part of the video wall might occupy only two screens leaving the other four for something else.

A typical video wall might be a 2×2  configuration using four Full HD screens placed in a group of four, set over two rows giving you a total resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels.

This is the same resolution as one modern 4k screen although you would probably get a larger screen area using 4 cheaper Full HD TVs for less cost.

Control video walls, digital posters and normal noticeboard screens all from the same controller.