Digital Signage Playlists

A playlist is a pre defined list of pages (or single page) that can be sent to a signage screen any time you want. The system supports multiple playlists and you can give them names to identify them.

You might create a playlist in advance of an event such as an open day or seasonal sale such as bank holiday sales as the playlist can then be scheduled or manually sent for display at the appropriate date and time.

Display Carousels
You can add pages directly to a screen and not use a playlist at all. We call these carousels.

If you send a playlist to a screen that’s showing a carousel the carousel will be overwritten by the playlist. If you then remove the playlist, the screen will revert back to its carousel.

Signage Carousel Controller

In the image above, the numbers down the left are the display channels you can select. The centre section shows the list of pages in the channel with their display time in seconds and on the right you will see small versions of the pages in the list.

Pages in the list can be loaded into the editor from this section.

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