Digital Signage Playlists

You've created a display page, how do you get it displayed on your screens?

Our signage screens operate in display channels so to display a page you simply drop the pages into the appropriate channel.

Various terms are used for the list of pages, the common ones being Playlist and Carousels. They are basically one and the same. Our  NoticeboardLive system uses both terms in a slightly different context.

Display Carousels
Pages that are dropped into a display channel directly become carousels and are displayed one after the other there and then. The image below shows display pages in different in channels.

digital signage playlist Control
Image shows items for display in all the playlist channels with a page preview

Playlists are a collection of pages that can be sent 'now' or scheduled for display on a signage screen at a later date.

If you later remove the playlist from a screen the screen will revert to showing the pages it was showing before. The playlist will remain unaltered and can be used again at another time.

Typically, a playlist would be created in advance that's say a collection of special offer pages for something like Black Friday or an open day. The playlist can then be scheduled for display at the appropriate date and time.

The only difference between a playlist and a scheduled page is the that the playlist contains a number of pages.

Playlists on the system can be given a name so you know what they are. The image below show where the playlists are given names.

Screen showing where playlists are allocated names
Allocate names to playlists

To add pages to the playlist, simply select the playlist name from the drop down in the display screens section and drag pages from the pages list on the left into the central section. The playlist itself has a drop down that enables you to keep it unpublished in reserve or to send the playlist to a signage display channel.

Digital signage playlist control
Single Playlist View. Playlists are shown with green headers in the controller

The image above shows a playlist called Massive Savings that's not as yet been allocated to a signage display channel. A preview of the pages in the list can be seen in the top right panel when you move the mouse over them.