Digital Signage Players

The Orangevalley digital signage player is a web application so anything that can run a modern web browser can be used as a signage player.

You simply connect a browser (the player) to your individual signage URL and enter the PIN that the controller generates. Once the player has been registered with the PIN you can then enable, disable or remove it from the system along with configuring the channels it operates in.

You can use your own hardware such as a Windows PC as a player or we can supply a player configured for your account.

Our player application software runs on Windows, Linux and Android devices and drives the screen in full screen kiosk mode.

Player software is free with a signage subscription.

Players are configured from the system controller so all you need to do is connect them to a screen and put them on your network and enter the signage web address.

signage player

Linux players can be anything from small form factor boards such as the Raspberry Pi to full size motherboards. We can supply a Raspberry Pi4 SD card configured as a signage player.

The system can also run on Android TV boxes and tablets via our Android player app.

For highly animated or video intensive displays a more powerful PC using an i series CPU should be used for smoother animations.

Android TV boxes are the same small size as the above windows unit but are under £50. They run quite happily 24/7 with simple signage requirements but you might need to manually reboot them now and again as it can’t be done automatically.

Our player software on all devices supports multizone screen operation.

Signage Player Screen Configuration


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