Digital Signage Players

The Orangevalley digital signage player is a web application so anything that can run a modern web browser can be used as a signage player. In its simplest form, just run a web browser in full screen kiosk mode on a PC.

A Raspberry Pi can be used as a signage player and will give you perfectly acceptable results without taking up lots space. It’s also much cheaper than PC and doesn’t use lots of electricity.

We can supply a Raspberry Pi signage player configured to operate with your account.

All you need to do is connect it to a big screen TV or PC monitor and put it on your network.

Raspberry Pi Digital Signage Player

Players are configured from the main signage controller, so once they’re connected to our signage cloud you can configure screen layouts and the display channel you want it to operate it in.

Android TV boxes are the cheapest player option and are about 100mm x 100mm x 20mm. They run quite happily 24/7 with simple signage requirements but you might need to manually reboot them now and again as it can’t be done automatically.

Our player software on all devices supports multizone screen operation.

Checkout the Orangevalley  YouTube channel for training videos.

Signage Player Screen Configuration

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