Digital Signage Players

The Orangevalley digital signage player is an Android TV box running our app that you connect your signage screen to. It’s 100mm x 100mm x 30mm so takes up little space and weighs next to nothing.

Orangevalley Systems digital signage player
Orangevalley Systems Android Digital Signage Player

For general digital signage or digital poster applications our Android player is ideal. They’re cheap, reliable and use very little power. Our player app removes all the usual onscreen toolbars so you get a full screen display.

We can supply them configured to operate in portrait or landscape orientation.

TV boxes are more reliable than Android TV sticks as they’ve got more space inside the case so run a lot cooler than TV sticks that are prone to overheating and locking up.

They also have a wired network connector which is more reliable than wireless.

The Orangevalley digital poster or signage player communicates with your online signage account and downloads all the required content to display.

Once it’s connected to your account it can be configured from the controller dashboard.

Please contact us for more information on our digital signage players.