Digital Signage Players

What’s a Digital Signage Player?

A Player is the device that connects to the display screen. Our system runs on Windows, Linux and Android devices. Android devices range from mobile phones and tablets to TV media players that can connect to a large screen TV.

signage player

The device above is a small, low cost and fanless Windows 10 PC based on the Intel Atom CPU that can be used with our signage displays and can drive a screen at 4k resolution.

Linux players can be anything from small form factor boards such as the Raspberry Pi to full size motherboards.

The system can also run on Android TV boxes via our Android player app.

For highly animated or video intensive displays a more powerful PC using an i series CPU would be needed if you want really smooth animations.

Android TV boxes are the same small size as the above windows unit but are under £50. They run quite happily 24/7 with simple signage requirements but you might need to manually reboot them now and again as it can’t be done automatically.

Zones and Channels

The noticeboard system operates in a number of different display channels, and the display screens can be split up into different content areas (zones) as shown below:

Individual signage screens can be configured to display either a single channel of information or multiple channels. A screen configured for multiple channels is split up into zones with each zone operating in its own channel as shown below.

Infographic of multizone signage screen

Channels are much like TV channels in that different channels will display different content. This makes it easy to show something like corporate branding along the top of the screen, that will always be visible regardless of the content on display in the rest of the screen.

Multizone Digital Signage Player Software

While you can set the display to only show one full screen page at a time which is great for general advertising situations or where people might be looking at the screen from a fair distance away, splitting the screen up into zones gives you huge scope for showing multiple pages at the same time and gives it more of a traditional noticeboard look.

A multi-zone system makes leaving an important message on view all the time easy, as you simply select a zone on the signage screen to display the message.

15 zone digital signage screen
Digital signage screen split into in 15 zones

Each display zone is a complete electronic noticeboard screen in its own right that can display either a single page or multiple pages in a slide show along with page scheduling. The images here give you and idea of what can be done with multiple zones on a screen.

signage svreen with ticker message
7 zone signage screen with message ticker

Typical Multizone Display Use

A screen could be placed in somewhere like a school or office reception area as it looks like a conventional notice board with lots of messages on it that you can quickly scan for something of interest.

Different zones could be controlled by different departments within your organisation.

Multizone is ideal if there is an important message that you need to leave on the screen all the time and don’t want it disappearing into the middle of a slide show of 20 pages where it would only be seen once every five minutes as would happen with a single zone screen.

Simply display the page in its own section of the screen for as long as you want while other messages around it can be constantly cycling through their playlist.

notice board screen split into 11 zones
11 zone signage screen

Signage Screen Zone Layout Options

The controller has a section that allows you to configure the screen on each player. The screen layout configurations are shown below and offer layouts for both landscape and portrait style displays. You can select which channel each zone (the red numbers) are operating in.

If you have multiple players on your system you can configure each players screen individually or set them all the same.

Signage Player Layout Options
Signage screen layout options


Signage screen layout options

Signage Player Screen Configuration

Display Resolution

There is no need to create different versions of the same page to display on screens running at different resolutions as the pages will scale up or down to fit.

A page generated with our editor will look the same on a 3840 x 2160 4k screen as on a 1280 x 720 tablet although small low resolution images or photographs might look blocky if shown full screen on a 4k screen if you look at it closely.

Note that pages designed with a landscape layout won’t reflow automatically to correctly fit a portrait screen. The WYSIWYG page editor has both landscape and portrait layout modes for different types of screen orientation.

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