Digital Signage for Retailers

Get peoples attention with a signage screen in your shop window or shop showing your latest offers.

A screen can be updated at any time and is far easier to update than printing out posters and having to put them up somewhere. Your screen is in effect multiple posters all in the same place being shown one after the other.

Signage screen in a shop window

You can showcase your latest product lines and offers with information on where to buy, so even when your shop is closed it’s still working for you.

Signage for a phone shop

By using our cloud based signage you can update your screens with photos and text from the comfort of your home or shop, any time you like.

Our digital poster system has an editor for creating marketing material or you can upload images and videos created with DTP or graphics packages

You don’t need an expensive power sucking PC in your shop to drive the screen as there are now lots of low power and low cost options to chose from such as our Android Digital Signage Players. These are 100mm x 100mm x 30mm so can be hidden out of the way or attached to the back of the poster screen.