Digital Signage for Schools

Great for keeping everyone informed, digital signage or noticeboard screens in your school are easily updated at any time.

You can use a single display screen or multiple screens. Multiple screens can be configured to all show the same information or information more relevant to their location by operating them in different channels.

Unlike conventional posters you can quickly change the message and have it displayed on screens around the school almost instantly.

Signage screen in a classroom

Our digital noticeboard system allows a school to display normal day to day information along with showcasing students work.

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The Orangevalley multizone display system gives you the flexibility to run your screens in a mix of conventional full screen modes or something that looks more like a traditional noticeboard.

The traditional noticeboard mode allows multiple messages or posters to be displayed all at the same time. This allows people to quickly scan the screen for the information they need, just like you can with a traditional noticeboard.

multizone electronic noticeboard

The control system has an editor for creating your message pages and allows you to upload artwork such as flyers created in a conventional graphics or DTP packages.

If you don’t have time to create pages each time you want to display a message you can use the Active Templates feature of the system. This allows you to enter messages into a simple form that will then be inserted into a page template.

Active Templates