Digital Signage for Schools

Digital signage has always had a strong presence in schools and universities and now more than ever it has an important role to play in reminding everybody of the ever changing pandemic safety rules to keep everybody safe.

Digital signage can be updated at any time, and unlike conventional posters you can quickly change the design of your slides to keep them catching peoples attention.

Signage screen in a classroom

Our multizone system allows a school to display normal day to day information and to showcase students work, while at the same time keeping important social distancing information and reminders on the screen at all times.

You can easily add automatically updating BBC news feeds in any of the zones to keep everybody up to date with the latest world and UK events.

Pages for display can be made in the system editor, while quick messages and page edits can be performed from a mobile device.

The Orangevalley multizone display system gives you the flexibility to run your screens in a mix of conventional full screen modes or something that looks more like a traditional noticeboard.