Digital Signage for Waiting and Reception Rooms

Give a good first impression to people visiting your company with a personal welcome message, along with showcasing some of your products on a big bright attention grabbing screen.

Digital signage reception room screen
Reception Room Signage Screen

A big screen is far better than the same tired posters that get left stuck on the walls for months or even years on end.

It needn’t be expensive

A signage screen in your reception area is now very affordable due to falling prices of screens and signage players. The cost will largely be down to the size of display you want to use, which for most applications could be a domestic TV.

Active Templates

If you just want to add simple welcome messages into a pre designed screen layout you can configure a page created in the editor as an active template, and add messages to the screen from your mobile or desktop browser. This way you can update a screen extremely quickly and with minimal fuss.

Active Template Pages

Update signage from a mobile
Adding messages to a signage screen from a mobile

Show the latest news on your screens

Make your reception room screens even more appealing by showing the latest news headlines along with your welcome messages.

Display the latest news on signage screens