Digital Signage for Factories

Digital signage is ideal for use in factories as you can keep staff that wouldn’t normally be using a PC informed of requirements or health and safety messages as they go about their work.

If you don’t have a lot of time to spend making display pages every time you want to put a message on a signage screen the system has a section where you can just enter some text and the system will automatically insert it into a template.

Orangevalley digital signage supports a large number of these special template channels so different screens can show different channels of information.

You could for example use some channels to put ‘to do’ information on devices like Android tablets on office desks.

quick signage screen updating

This is fast, probably one of the quickest ways to get messages onto a signage screen. If it’s quick to do, you’re more likely to use it.

You can update three different areas of a template such as header, footer and main just be putting special placeholder text tags into it. All the individual messages will be displayed on a screen one after the other (or automatically distributed across a number of screen zones).

You can opt to show or hide individual messages.

Signage screens can configure screens to show a mix of ‘quick messages’ and conventional signage slides so you can have the best of both worlds.

Multizone screens also make it easy to replicate a traditional staff noticeboard that could show different information to your main screens.

Display Data from a Spreadsheet

If you keep data in a spreadsheet and want to display some of it on a signage screen you can use the csv import feature. Export the spreadsheet as a csv file (all spreadsheets have this option) and then from the controller upload it to the system.

Data from individual cells in the sheet can then be automatically inserted into a signage slide with placeholder tags.

All you need to do is add text to the signage slide that has the words [cx,rx] in it. The c and r are the sheet column and row numbers of the data you want to display.

If you change the data in the sheet just upload it again with the same file name and the system will display the new data.

The info graphic shows a template slide with the special text placeholders, a spreadsheet and the resulting slide the system will display.

Import factory data from a spreadsheet

There is a training video for this and more information in the following link.

Importing Data from a Spreadsheet

It’s also easy to get the system to display external web pages on a signage screen so you could display pages from your Intranet or Google docs (you would need to publish a private link).

NoticeboardLive signage is an easy way to keep everybody updated, and with the low cost of signage players and big TVs could cost far less than you might have thought.