Digital Posters for Arts Centres

If you run an arts centre and need a digital signage poster our Noticeboard Live system will fit the bill. All your need is an LCD screen that can be either a big TV or PC monitor connected up to a signage player.

Depending on what you want to display, for non demanding (not video) applications you can use small Android TV boxes as a signage player. If you want something more powerful you can use a PC.

You can easily upload your publicity posters or images to the system with an option to automatically load the material  straight into the editor either as a full screen image or as a smaller one that you can place where you want with any accompanying text and photos.

Images can also be uploaded directly into a place holder in an existing page or template so you don’t need to design a new page each time.

The system will display the material on the screens in either portrait or landscape orientation with individual carousel display times that go back to the first page after the last one is displayed. Pages can also be scheduled for future display.

As the signage system is cloud based, you can update the screens directly from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Signage screens or digital posters operate in channels, so screens allocated to the same channel will display the same content as the others in that channel, or put them into individual channels for individual control.

If you would like some more information please email us with some information on your requirements.

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