Create Animated Digital Signage Pages

Bring your digital signage screens to life with some built in attention grabbing animation. It’s well known that movement on a screen is far more likely to attract attention than a static page.

Our online signage editor allows you to easily animate objects by simply selecting an object such as text or an image and then selecting an animation type from a drop down. The animation will then be applied to the selected object.

animate elements in signage page

Current animation types are

  • Slide in from the left
  • Slide in from the right
  • Slide down from the top
  • Slide up from the bottom
  • Flashing
  • Typewriter effect

Slide in effects start with the item outside the boundary of the screen that then slides it into position.

Flashing will cause text to flash between being visible or invisible and the typewriter effect causes text to be displayed on screen one character at a time as if it were being typed very quickly.

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