Update Signage Screens from a Mobile with Data Driven Template Pages

There are times when all you want to do is to quickly add some text to a signage screen from a mobile or a PC without making up a complete page each time.

A typical use case might be to display a welcome message to a visitor on a reception room screen or to quickly put up a staff message.

Update signage from a mobile
Adding messages to a signage screen from a mobile

This is where you can use data driven templates. Creating a template is easy. You need to create a page in the editor and put a text box in it with the word [message] in square brackets.

This is where the text will be inserted into the page. The text size and colour etc will take on the attributes of the [message] tag. For example, if [message] is in yellow the final text will be yellow.

In the template example here, the message entered from you mobile will be inserted into the dashed area. The system supports three different areas in a page that can be updated.

The template can be a page that uses a full screen graphic you can create in a graphics package. You need to load it into the editor to add the text placeholders.

Create signage active template
Example data driven template in the system editor

The page must be saved as a template and the system needs to be configured to associate the template with the required data channel. It’s easy to do, but we can do it for you.

Once configured, you can update a signage screen from your desktop or mobile by simply selecting the display channel and entering your message. It will be inserted into the template and displayed on the screen as below.

Active template being displayed on a signage screen
Data driven template with message from a mobile added into it

You can add multiple messages to a screen and each message will be displayed one after the other in the same template. Individual messages can be edited or removed at any time.

The system supports ten different message channels that allow you to have ten different templates all being used at the same time.