About Orangevalley Systems

Based in Nailsworth, Gloucestershire I have over 35 years experience in the electronics test and repair industry.

Electronics Repair and Test

I started out (working for other companies) testing and repairing the electronics used in video fruit machines and teletext systems used by national TV broadcasters such as the BBC.

If you ever looked at Ceefax or Oracle teletext before it was shut down in the UK it almost certainly went through equipment that I calibrated and repaired.

I also repaired custom graphics controllers used for digital signage on railway stations, airports and betting shop chains along with multizone retail audio amplifiers and onsite trouble shooting.

This experience enables me to offer electronics repair services in Gloucestershire, or further away if you want to send it.

Just email me some information (model number etc) and photos of your faulty equipment for a repair quote.

Have a look at the Repairs Gallery  and my YouTube channel where you can see some of the items I’ve repaired.

Orangevalley Systems YouTube channel

Digital Signage

Orangevalley Systems also develop digital signage / electronic noticeboard systems.

These systems have been used by a diverse range of customers from around the world that include many UK schools and colleges, the UK nuclear power industry (BNFL), hotels along with well known oil and gas exploration companies to name but a few.

Contact me by email at orangevalleysystems@gmail.com