Based in the UK, Orangevalley Systems have been making digital signage and electronic notice board systems since 2002 and has systems running in many different industry sectors that include shipping, oil, gas refineries, education, healthcare, hotels, student accommodation blocks, nuclear power generation, racing studs, pharmaceutical and manufacturing companies to name but a few.

Any business sector these days can almost certainly use the communication advantages a digital signage system offers them.

Way before I formed Orangevalley Systems I started out in the electronics industry testing and repairing the CPU boards used in video fruit machines, then later working with the electronics that generated teletext used by some well known high street banks in London dealing rooms to display share price information to the dealers (I’m going back a lot of years here!) and betting shops to display racing results on teletext televisions.

Big broadcasters including the BBC later used the teletext and databroadcast systems I setup and repaired to send teletext all over the UK.

Teletext in databroadcast form was also used in closed systems to send signage page information to custom graphics decoders and displays. These display systems were mostly used in airports and railway stations as PCs were big, heavy, had limited graphics capability and were very expensive back then.

The long association with different types of screen display equipment and electronics lead me to form Orangevalley Systems Ltd to create and supply digital signage software and hardware where all the above skills and knowledge can be put to excellent use in what’s now a very fast moving, exciting and growing industry.

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