Based in Gloucestershire in the UK, Orangevalley Systems have been making digital signage and electronic notice board systems for many years and have supplied systems to many different industry sectors that include shipping, oil, gas refineries, education, healthcare, hotels, student accommodation blocks, nuclear power stations, racing studs, pharmaceutical and manufacturing companies to name but a few.

Any business sector these days can almost certainly use the communications advantages a digital signage system offers.

Before I started the company I spent many years working in the electronics industry testing and repairing the electronics used in video fruit machines, airport display signage, railway platform signage, teletext systems used by national broadcasters such as the BBC, and later repairing the screen display systems used in some national betting shop chains, while also producing software systems to keep track of production and stock.

This enables the business to also offer electronic test and repair services to businesses and the public in the local area (Gloucestershire), along with cloud based digital signage solutions.

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