Rare Marantz 2600 Receiver on ebay

Marantz 2600 eBay liting

I saw this on ebay, a 1979 Marantz 2600 receiver for sale with a price of almost £24,000!


Marantz 2600 eBay liting

Obviously what something on eBay is listed at is not what it sells for as a lot of old audio equipment is enthusiastically priced.

Interestingly it’s got a small CRT (cathode ray tube) fitted that shows musical squiggles on the front panel and presumably other things.

What’s so special about this Marantz?

Apparently it’s the first one ever made so is very rare. It doesn’t even have a serial number.

Spec wise it’s 300w RMS per channel into 8 ohms, 400w RMS into 4 ohms. In the past there was a tendency for cheaper amplifiers to be marketed with massive watt outputs to catch out the unwary. They were often known as Amstrad watts or music power.

Proper amplifiers like this one had their output quoted as RMS watts which were ‘proper’ watts assuming the spec sheet wasn’t made up.

You need a good table to support this receiver as it weighs in at 27.4kgs or 60lbs. You will also need deep pockets.