BBC Micro PSU Recapping

BBC Micro for repair

A blast from the past, an old BBC micro with an exploded X2 capacitor in the switch power supply.

BBC Micro for repair

This type capacitor is used in many different power supplies  and is usually placed across the mains live and neutral.

After many years or decades they can explode, giving off a pungent smell.

Failed X2 capacitor in a BBC Micro PSU
Exploded X2 capacitor in BBC Micro PSU

It was requested that all the power supply electrolytics be replaced along with the two X2 capacitors.

As the X2 capacitors (the PSU has two of them) and some of the electrolytic capacitors have very high voltages across them the new parts were sourced from a reputable component supplier (not eBay or Ali express) to ensure they were the real deal.

Recapping a BBC Micro home computer as the X2

Capacitors replaced and some broken solder joints on the three LEDs by the keyboard repaired the BBC micro was given a quick test, not that I could remember how to make it do anything!

If you have something that needs repairing please contact me. Items can be shipped to me. Please contact me for details and prices.