Cyrus 2 Amplifier Repair

Cyrus 2 amplifier and PSX power supply. Orangevalley Systems

This is an interesting amplifier, a Cyrus 2 along with the optional PSX power supply.

Cyrus 2 amplifier and PSX power supply. Orangevalley Systems

The amp can be used by itself using the built in transformer or you can remove a couple of internal 4A fuses and power it from the PSX (on the right) that has a huge transformer along with four big smoothing capacitors.

When used with the Cyrus PSX the power supply in the amplifier only powers the preamp section while the PSX provides power for the main amplifier section.

The amp is pretty minimalist as it has no bass, treble and loudness controls.

So, what was wrong with it?

It had a lot of very bad solder joints that I repaired and the LED that illuminates the Cyrus logo in the PSX didn’t work so I replaced it. One of the solder joints was so bad a wire from the transformer could be pulled out of the circuit board!

I also added some wire to share the load going through a somewhat heat stressed looking copper track (traces as they’re often called) on the circuit board as it could fail in the future.

There was evidence of a previous repair, but that’s not too surprising given its age.

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