Acoustic Research AR15 Speaker Repair

Teledyne Acoustic Research AR15 loudspeakers

The AR15 was made in the late 70s by Acoustic Research and used what was known as an acoustic suspension design. This basically means that the speaker doesn’t have a tuned bass port so is an air tight (mostly) enclosure.

They needed to be placed near a wall to sound best, hence they were often sold as bookshelf speakers.

Teledyne Acoustic Research AR15 loudspeakers

The problem with this speaker was one of the binding posts had rusted solid so you couldn’t undo it to clamp the speaker cable to it. It was also very difficult to remove!

Once I’d got them removed I fitted new banana posts. These allow you to use speaker cables with banana plugs on them or just bare wires.

Acoustic Research AR15 new speaker binding posts

So, what do these old Acoustic Research AR15 speakers sound like?

Very good, I had some of the smaller AR18s back when they were new and they were excellent. Like the AR18, these AR15s use an 8″ woofer but in a bigger cabinet.

If you’re looking to buy old AR speakers the foam around the edge of the woofer falls apart over the years so check before you buy. I saw some at a local auction house and took the front grill off for a look and the woofers hardly had any of the foam surround left!

They can be refoamed or alternative new woofers fitted.

Little bits of black foam inside the speaker cabinet suggested that the woofers in these old ARs had been refoamed.

Orangevalley Systems Speaker Repairs

The bottom left image shows part of the crossover network fitted to the inside back panel. All the glue was put there by AR, presumably to stop it rattling with the bass as they don’t seem to have used a PCB.

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