A Tom Evans The Groove phono amplifier repair

Tom Evans The Groove Phono Amplifier for repair

A Tom Evans ‘The Groove’ phono amplifier that blows the mains fuse when you switch it on.

This isn’t a mainstream piece of audio kit as it carries a very high price tag so it was interesting to see what made it tick.

Tom Evans The Groove Phono Amplifier for repair

It’s a funky looking unit in a very reflective black acrylic case. Shielding inside the unit is accomplished with pieces of unetched PCB connected to 0v. An unetched PCB is basically a sheet of copper that’s used as shielding.

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The Groove has two independent power supplies and two audio boards. It’s in effect two separate turntable phono amplifiers (one for each channel) in a single case.

The fuse blowing was due to a faulty mains transformer. Also a failed op-amp on an audio board was pulling a lot of power from the power supply. That’s probably what took out the transformer.

repair of a tom evans The Groove phono amplifier

There’s no circuit diagrams or any information on what any of the parts are so finding replacements took a bit of working out.

This isn’t helped by the fact that all the semiconductors have had their identifying numbers scrubbed off and all the op-amps have heatsinks very firmly glued to them. They’ve probably also had their numbers removed!

The special design element of the The Groove is a very low noise voltage regulator shown below that Tom Evans calls a Lithos regulator. It provides +/- 14v for the audio circuitry.

Tom Evans Lithos Regulator

Fortunately the Lithos regulator appeared to be working. A new transformer and op-amp for the audio section brought it back to life.

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