Stairlift Circuit Board Relay Repairs

stairlift curcuit board relay repairs

Stairlifts have microprocessor boards with power devices to control the lift motor and like anything electronic parts fail. In these cases it’s usually a big relay that needs to be replaced. These are some of the boards we regularly repair for a stairlift company.

Stairlift relay replacement repairs on stairlift boards
Control boards used in certain stairlifts in for relay replacement

They also have little sensor PCBs and the wires that are soldered to them become detached which we also repair.

Stairlift cable repairs
Small sensor boards with broken cables in for repair

If you have a requirement for the big relay to be sourced and replaced or broken cable assemblies that require fixing along with any other obviously failed parts on your stairlift controller board then please contact us for a repair quote. We can take on single boards or a box of them.

Items for repair can be shipped to us.