Denon DRA-F100 Amplifier Repair

Denon Amplifier DRA-F100

Probably one of the more well put together little receiver amplifiers I’ve seen, this little Denon kept dropping the left audio.

Denon Amplifier DRA-F100


The solder joints on the speaker terminals had broken tracks and the phono connectors also needed resoldering.

Also the left channel from the tuner board had no output due to an open circuit coil on the MPX filter. The filter is used to filter out the 19KHz stereo indicator signal. This was made slightly confusing by the circuit diagram having the component designations for the filter coils reversed!

Denon DRA-F100

Nice unit, it comes apart really easily and has a proper transistor output stage as seen in the photo below. Lots of old amplifiers use obsolete STK modules for the power amplifier stage that makes repair difficult.

Amplifier board in the Denon DRA-F100 amplifier
Main amplifier board in the Denon DRA-F100


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