Synthesizer soldered in battery replacement

Three old synthesizers came in with flat memory backup batteries. The batteries in these units are soldered onto the main processor boards so replacing the battery isn’t as simple as it could be.

Alesis D4 Drum Synth and Ensoniq SQR+
Alesis D4 Drum Synth and Ensoniq SQR+

The synthesizers were a 19″ rack mounting Alesis D4 drum sample machine and an Ensoniq SQR+ along with a Yamaha DX11 keyboard.

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Yamaha DX11 battery replacement

Flat batteries will be a common problem with these older synthesizers as they’re not the rechargeable type often found on microprocessor logic boards. Replacement requires a soldering iron and major disassembly so isn’t a five minute job.

The battery replacement on the Yamaha DX11 keyboard requires the battery holder to be mounted away from the main board due to space constraints.

Ensoniq SQR+ battery replacement
We replaced the soldered in battery with a button cell battery holder in the Ensoniq SQR+

To make future replacement of the batteries easier, button cell battery holders were fitted that enable the battery to be quickly popped in and out when it runs flat.

Alesis D4 soldered in battery modification
Soldered in battery replaced with a button cell holder in the Alesis D4
Alesis D4 Drum Synth Battery Replacement
Alesis D4 Drum Synth

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