Cambridge Audio A500 – Not Switching On

Cambridge Audio A500 Amplifier

An old Cambridge Audio A500 amplifier came in for repair that wouldn’t switch on. We established the fault was the primary winding on the mains transformer having gone open circuit.

Cambridge Audio A500 Amplifier

Amplifiers often have circuit diagrams on the Internet but I’m yet to find one that states any useful information about the mains transformer and this was no exception. Being a very old amplifier Cambridge couldn’t give me the information so some working out was required to find a suitable replacement.

The circuit diagram shows the main amplifier DC voltage as +/-45v. That’s NOT the transformers secondary winding output. To obtain the required secondary voltage there’s a simple equation you apply to the DC voltage to get the AC voltage before it’s rectified and smoothed.

Each power rail has a 4A fuse so that’s a clue to the transformers required VA rating.

Cambridge Audio A500 amplifier PCB

With this amplifier you need the biggest one that will fit into the space for it. The photo below shows the old and new transformer.

Cambridge Audio A500 mains transformer

Before buying a replacement transformer the amplifier power transistors were checked as they’re unusual (SAP15N and SAP15P) and obsolete.

They’re darlington devices with additional resistors and diodes in a five pin package. They tested OK on a multimeter so a new transformer was fitted that brought the amplifier back to life.

YouTube video of the repair is below.

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