Onkyo TX-SR607 – No Front Panel Display

Onkyo Receiver TX-SR607 faulty

An Onkyo TX-SR607 where the front panel display has stopped working.

Everything else appeared to be working fine and it wasn’t stuck in the common fail safe standby.

Onkyo Receiver TX-SR607 faulty

These units have a ‘pure audio’ mode where the display is switched off by the CPU, so it needed to be established if there was an actual fault or if the microprocessor in the receiver had just switched it off.

A factory reset was done to hopefully get any miss configuration cleared.

It took a bit of wading through the circuit diagram (I’ve not encountered this fault before) but the fault was eventually tracked down to an open circuit resistor effecting the power supply to the display.

Onkyo TX-SR607 repair

An easy fix requiring a very cheap component saved it from landfill.