Adastra Amplifier for Pubs, Cafes and Restaurants

Adastra Amplifier for use in hospitality

We were contacted by a pub as their sound system had stopped working about a week before they were due to reopen after lockdown ended. Not good timing.

Their amplifier, a literally huge Onkyo that weighed 18Kgs looks like it suffered a typical Onkyo problem that’s difficult to repair, a failed audio DSP chip, or rather the soldering under it fails. Chips are generally easy to replace but the chip in these amps uses BGA technology and contrary to some YouTube videos isn’t going to be reliably fixed (if at all) by blowing hot air over it. It needs to be done properly

We suggested a replacement Adastra A4 amplifier based on a modern class D multizone amplifier designed for restaurants, cafes and bars.

Class D amplifiers generate very little heat compared to older class AB ones as the power stage is digital and thus more efficient.

The Adastra amplifier has volume controls for individual zones and multiple speaker terminals which makes connecting up lots of speakers and setting their individual volume easy. It’s got plenty of power at 4 x 200W and is well priced at about £160 + VAT.

It has built in Bluetooth so you can play music from your phone or tablet, USB media socket and memory card reader along with an FM radio tuner round off the package which made it a great replacement.